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Enhance your fishing experience with our quiet and precise trolling boat motors, offering control and maneuverability.

Trolling Motors
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Showing 1–12 of 324 results

Elevate Your Boating Experience with Precision and Power 

Transform your boating ventures into a seamless and controlled experience with our comprehensive collection of trolling motors for boats. Whether you’re navigating through serene freshwater environments, exploring saltwater realms, or seeking a quiet and efficient solution for your kayak or inflatable boat, our trolling motors are designed to meet the diverse needs of water enthusiasts. This extensive range includes electric trolling motor switches, electric trolling motors for kayaks and inflatable boats, freshwater and saltwater motor plugs, heavy-duty boat trolling motors, and brush and seal kits to ensure your trolling motor operates at peak performance. 

Electric Trolling Motor Switch:

Take charge of your trolling motor with precision and ease using our electric trolling motor switch. This advanced switch offers convenient control over speed and direction, allowing you to navigate through water effortlessly. With intuitive design and user-friendly features, our electric trolling motor switch enhances the maneuverability of your boat, providing a seamless and enjoyable experience. 

Electric Trolling Motor for Kayaks and Inflatable Boats:

Explore waterways with tranquility using our electric trolling motors, specially crafted for kayaks and inflatable boats. Compact and efficient, these motors provide the perfect propulsion solution for smaller vessels, ensuring silent operation for a more immersive boating experience. Enjoy the freedom to navigate quietly through narrow channels and shallow waters with our electric trolling motors, designed for kayaks and inflatables. 

Freshwater Motor Plug:

Optimize your trolling motor’s performance in freshwater environments with our dedicated freshwater motor plug. Designed to resist corrosion and provide a secure connection, our freshwater motor plug ensures reliable power delivery. Enhance your trolling motor’s efficiency and longevity with this essential component for freshwater boating. 

Saltwater Motor Plug:

For boaters venturing into saltwater expanses, our saltwater motor plug is the key to reliable and corrosion-resistant connectivity. Engineered to withstand the harsh effects of saltwater, this plug ensures that your trolling motor maintains peak performance even in challenging marine conditions. Explore saltwater environments with confidence, knowing your trolling motor is equipped for the task. 

Heavy-Duty Boat Trolling Motor:

Experience uncompromising power and durability with our heavy-duty boat trolling motors. Ideal for larger vessels and demanding applications, these motors deliver exceptional thrust and reliability. Whether you’re trolling for big game or require robust propulsion for your heavy boat, our heavy-duty trolling motors are designed to meet the challenge. 

Brush and Seal Kit:

Maintain the longevity and efficiency of your trolling motor with our brush and seal kit. This essential maintenance kit ensures smooth operation by replacing worn-out brushes and seals. Regular use of the kit contributes to the longevity of your trolling motor, reducing the need for extensive repairs and enhancing overall performance. 

Elevate your boating experience with our comprehensive range of trolling motors for boats, featuring electric trolling motor switches, motors tailored for kayaks and inflatable boats, freshwater and saltwater motor plugs, heavy-duty trolling motors, and brush and seal kits. Whether you’re seeking precision control, silent propulsion, or robust performance in challenging environments, our trolling motors are crafted to meet your specific needs. Invest in the quality, reliability, and innovation of our trolling motors and accessories for a boating adventure that combines precision and power.